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Tom Clegg's Speaker Kit

Here you'll find what you need to create your speaking page or announcement. Below is Tom's Professional Bio, Additional Background, and Photos of Tom.

Tom's Bio

Tom Clegg is the owner and founder of the Clegg Consulting Group. With more than thirty years of public speaking experience Tom brings a lot to the team. His warm, energetic, humorous, and engaging style makes him a favorite with audiences around the world.

He is a gifted speaker, facilitator, coach, and consultant who serves leaders and their teams teams in navigating the complexities of change, developing leaders, and making a positive impact on the world around them.

Tom started his career in ministry before entering the business world. Tom connects with audiences with innovative story-telling, humor and radical candor. In the end, Tom's mission is to help listeners achieve theirs.

Additional Background

Companies like Men's Style Lab, W.W. Paige & Co, OPW, Life Brokers Resource, 3M, ApartmentLife, Brotherhood Mutual, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and Oxfam have utilized Tom's services to advance their mission.

In addition, Regent University, Old Dominion University, and The Bakke Graduate School of Leadership and others have sought out Tom's expertise.

Tom's career path has taken him around the world, leading frontline relief work in East Africa to working with corporate executive management teams.

Tom speaks across the nation on leadership, change, and team building. A popular conference speaker Tom has spoken in more than 100 countries around the world.

Photos of Tom


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