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Every Leader Needs a Coach; 
Great Leaders Have One

Have you ever heard of a self-made Olympian? Me either.
Nobody gets to Gold alone. 
A world-class Coach directed their discipline and focused their dedication. Great athletes don’t go it alone, and great leaders don’t either. 
Coaching helps them be their best.

It can feel lonely at the top, but it doesn't have to be.

A Coach is always in your corner. They help you improve your perspective, and pull out your personal insight. They’re the safe sounding board, the encouraging motivator, and clarity seeker. Coaches help you chart the course, make the decision, and discern solutions.

Free 1/2 hour coaching Call


Coaching increases performance up to 300%.
- Dr. R.E. Logan Ph.D.

Leadership Coaching Works

  • You set the pace
  • You choose the metrics
  • You make the decisions

Every Leader Encounters Similar Speedbumps

  • Summoning Initiative
  • Utilizing Accountability 
  • Finding Self-Permission 
  • Managing Emotions 
  • Breaking Cycles 

Leadership Coaching Removes the Fear and Guesswork



Become the Leader Your Organization Needs

Free 1/2 hour coaching CaLl

What’s Coaching Like?

  • We’ll meet for a 90-minute coaching session at least once per month
  • We will build a safe and secure working relationship designed to help you pursue your personal and professional goals  
  • Sessions can be in-person or online; but are always face-to-face
  • Our conversations are completely confidential and will be driven by your needs
  • In each session, we’ll address the current issues you face and create action-plans together. Then celebrate your success!

Free 1/2 hour coaching Call

Engaging, enjoyable, and most of all helpful! The Helping Process developed by Tom provided our team with an essential tool to continue growing both as individuals and together as a team. I can't wait to see where it takes us in the months ahead.
-Jon Van Bruggen / CEO / Taylored Expressions