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Executive Coaching with Your Catalyst for Change Tom Clegg

Leadership is incredibly rewarding, but it can be lonely at the top. Take a look at those in the peak of their careers: Olympic athletes, accomplished marathoners, NFL draftees. None of those individuals found success in a silo. They found clarity, confidence and catharsis from a coach who stood in their corner along the way. With more than 35 years of international organizational and leadership development experience, executive coach Tom Clegg has worked with hundreds of leaders amidst the highs and lows of their careers, propelling them toward ever more profitable and personally fulfilling lives.

What is an executive coach?

Executive coaches meet with companies seeking to align strategic initiatives or individuals facing a turning point to provide an outside perspective and illuminate opportunities for meaningful change.

The work comes from within— in his role as a facilitator, Tom Clegg holds up a mirror, asks thoughtful questions and guides you toward insights that will change your career and your life. Oftentimes the “aha!” moments come from unexpected places. Having an external presence there to pinpoint hidden tensions within you or your organization can be powerfully eye opening and poses the unique opportunity to challenge the status quo that has you stuck.

What is the purpose of executive coaching?

Executive coaching empowers leaders to embrace their full potential by taking the necessary time to pause and reflect on the past in order to shift and reroute as needed to reach their desired future.

Tom Clegg helps shine a light on what is most important to you or your company right now so you can take thoughtful action immediately and begin your transformation. Tom doesn’t dwell on hypotheticals, he dives into inspiring steps you can be hyped to implement right away. Tom’s holistic approach takes into account numerous facets of a leader’s life, framing a clear path through a personal, vocational, relational and societal lens for a firm foundation of wellbeing and growth.

[Tom] has an unreal ability to take a bunch of rambling and unconnected thoughts you give him and formulate it into one short concise sentence that knocks you off your feet.
- Chad, Ankeny, IA

Tom Clegg’s Executive Coaching Services

Speedbumps are part of any journey toward becoming an impactful leader—in fact, leaders can learn a lot when they slow down and look inwardly at what matters most. Here to help you pause with purpose and discover your innermost thoughts and ideas otherwise hidden in the busy bustle of your day-to-day life, Tom Clegg’s executive coaching services remove the guesswork to reach your goals.


Organizational Health Coaching

Organizational health coaching invites the key voices in your organization to contribute to guided discussions meant to align leadership, clarify roles, unify your company vision and ensure all company resources are utilized for maximum impact. Whether calling on Tom for strategic planning, board development or business design, he’ll inquire about the principles steering your company and see if your processes are compatible with what you preach.

Helping you put your core values into practice ultimately boosts employee morale, curates an inviting company culture and promotes sustainable growth. As a Paterson-certified facilitator, Tom uses the proven StratOp process or a number of other proven tools to help your team adapt and pivot to take on new challenges and welcome growth-oriented opportunities in stride.

What is organizational health and why is it important?

Organizational health describes a company’s ability to adapt to changes and employ an engaged workforce invested in the company’s success. Tom strives to break down the walls dividing departments and guides the difficult discussions needed to position the company to welcome what’s next. Developing a workplace culture with devoted employees who share a common mission is directly related to enhanced job performance and company profitability—a win-win for all involved.


Talent Optimization Coaching

Tom Clegg’s talent optimization coaching aims to address companies experiencing high employee turnover, poor performance, low morale, weak leadership formation within the company, insufficient development opportunities or conflict between managers and direct reports. With an end goal of improved employee retention and recruitment, Tom meets with team leaders and employees to strengthen collaboration, communication and critical workplace skills.

With more than 13,000 coaching hours provided around the world, Tom has many tools in his wheelhouse to help facilitate a winning culture and attract top talent. Popular tools include the Predictive Index, Everything DiSC Workplace Catalyst and the Six Types of Working Genius. But the most important tool is your team’s willingness to participate in team building and implement lasting changes.

What is talent optimization and why is it important?

Talent optimization centers employees and workplace culture to bolster company performance in line with the company’s overall strategy. Having goals for your business is just one important piece of the puzzle—you need the talent and skill sets to get you there. Prioritizing a welcoming work environment and appealing to the right people make all the difference in what you can get done together.


Leadership Development Coaching

Leadership development coaching is designed to help individuals establish a sense of direction, especially when they’ve come to a crossroads involving their careers, relationships, health, relocation or upcoming retirement. Individual coaching with Tom Clegg is an ongoing relationship with regular one-on-ones to provide guidance and review your progress toward desired outcomes.

With his certification in the Paterson LifePlan process, Tom considers all the moving pieces in your life and helps center your focus to find greater purpose and meaning amidst the noise. By inwardly evaluating your personhood and how you got to where you are today, you’ll have renewed passion and a clear path to a better, happier, more inspired self.

What is leadership development and why is it important?

Leadership development is the active pursuit of progress as it relates to leadership skills and capabilities. Tom drives development culminating not only in career growth but also in gains as a holistic human being better equipped to manage life outside the office, as well. Taking a step back with Tom by your side helps remove you from a tricky rut or place in your life where you’re not as fulfilled as you’d imagined. By using the skills, knowledge and self awareness you already have, you’re capable of divulging profound truths about yourself and your future through leadership development.

How Executive Coach Tom Clegg’s HELP Process Empowers Leaders

Tom’s executive coaching process involves his carefully curated HELP formula, where leaders work with Tom to:

  • Hear what’s at the heart of the issue you’re facing.
  • Explore your actions that may be contributing to these issues.
  • Learn how to proceed with immediate and long-term solutions for change.
  • Plan a clear course of measurable action to hold yourself or your company accountable beyond the coaching session.

Taking the time to look back is the best way to discover how to initiate the transformation you’re seeking. Tom doesn’t promise to have all the answers, but he asks thought-provoking questions to inspire critical thinking and difficult but necessary discussions to help you be a better leader and representative of your company.

What problems do executive coaches solve?

Executive coaches work with individuals or leadership teams who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stifled or proactively seeking growth within their life and careers. From turning points to roadblocks, Tom Clegg is available to assist with the problems you want to solve. You are the expert in your own life, Tom simply sifts through what you know and feel to help you find what’s most meaningful and powerful for your advancement across all areas of your life.

Who needs executive coaching?

If you’re here considering how an executive coach can impact your life, you’re already a great candidate. Leaders who want to improve and continue to seek opportunities to do so can greatly benefit from executive coaching if they’re willing to put in the work to do so. Tom works with a wide range of clientele including those in the financial sector, faith-based institutions, the nonprofit sector, small business leaders and so much more.

Is executive coaching confidential?

Executive coaching services with Tom Clegg are utterly and entirely confidential. Tom works closely with individuals, corporations and small businesses across the world to delicately address difficult situations and handle sensitive information.

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Engaging, enjoyable and most of all: helpful! The HELPing Process developed by Tom provided our team with an essential tool to continue growing both as individuals and together as a team. I can't wait to see where it takes us in the months ahead.
- Jon, Ankeny, Iowa