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Are You Living The Life You Were Meant To Live?

Find Your Way, Achieve Clarity, Discover Purpose, Gain Courage, and Live Intentionally by developing your lifeplan today

The LifePlan Process

The LifePlan experience is a two-day, one-on-one intensive process guided by a certified facilitator

The process was developed thirty years ago by Tom Paterson utilizing proven, world-class, behaviorally and spiritually sound tools to empower you to:

  • Discover your unique design

  • Clarify your life mission

  • Apply these discoveries to your Personal, Family, Vocational, Spiritual and Community life domains

What You Can Expect

  • Gain A Sense Of Perspective

    Three-fourths of the process is guiding you to clearly understand where you are today and how you arrived there. Discover what you're specifically gifted, equipped and empowered to do and, more importantly, to be.

  • A Framework For Your Future

    The final portion of the LifePlan process is spent in formulating plans for each of your life domains, establishing accountability and creating a realistic management framework.

  • Breakthrough Discoveries About Yourself

    As the process leads you into greater clarity and breakthroughs in each of your life domains, your sense of direction and purpose takes on a new found reality.

  • Tools To Renew Your LifePlan

    This framework empowers you to immediately implement your LifePlan, giving you a proven system to regularly renew, reinvigorate and replenish your vision, clarity and focus.

Start Living The Life You Want

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I can't recommend the Paterson LifePlan process enough. It is an incredibly clarifying and telling experience for anyone at a crossroads or just looking for more purpose and meaning in their daily life.
Isaac Slade / Award Winning Artist / The Fray

Meet Certified Facilitator Tom Clegg

Helping people just like you navigate the complexities of life is what I do best

"For more than thirty five years, I have engaged in organizational leadership, marketplace and not-for-profit management, personal and leadership development. As a coach and consultant, I have sought out the best tools, training and insights for my clients.

In 2015 I was introduced to the LifePlan process.and it changed everything. I knew then I had to become a certified facilitator. The process was so powerful and so clarifying, I simply had to share it with as many people as possible.it was in my LifePlan!"

- Tom Clegg


How long does it take?

Two very full and intense days from 8:00 to 5:00.

What will I receive?

Two days of professional facilitation, all of your charts and your LifePlan Playbook: custom printed reference to your LifePlan, including your LifePlan on One Page.

Where will we meet?

Your office, our office, or another site. The key is to find a comfortable, distraction-free place with plenty of wall space to which your facilitator can temporarily attach your charts.

How do I prepare for my LifePlan?

We will send you your prep work which should take you more than an hour.

Can we do this as a team?

Due to the personal nature of the process it is designed for one on one.

What if I don't live in your city?

I can come to you or you can travel to me. Whichever makes most sense for you. If I travel to your location you may be charged additional travel expenses.

The LifePlan process was a game-changer. It gave me a sounding board and a mirror - I heard myself, and saw myself better.
Mark Batterson / NY Times Bestselling Author & Lead Pastor / National Community Church

Embrace Your Life's Mission

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